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Closing SACS accounts

1) If you switch from the lab that provides your SACS account to another lab that is also a SACS subscriber, we can transfer your account to the new group with no break in service. Just contact us with your login name and the name of the new Principle Investigator.

2) If you are leaving your group, but don't want to transfer your account, contact us for help in saving important files and forwarding email.

3) If you need to close an account for someone who is no longer with your lab, just contact us with the following information:

  The name of the user whose account is being deleted
The login name
The group name for the account
The name, phone number, and email address of the one requesting the termination.

Please send the preceding information in either hard copy or via email.

Once SACS Receives a Request to Close an Account

We send an email message to the person whose account is being closed, giving them a week to transfer files and/or set up a new email account.

We also offer email forwarding. This forwarding service continues indefinitely, or for as long as the forwarding address is valid. Please include the alternate address as part of your request.

The email forwarding program will not do this after the account is closed. We must make the change ourselves on the mail server, and this does not include address books or other mail files.

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