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I received a warning that my mailbox is too full. What do I do?

E-mail messages on plato are handled in the following manner. There is a mail spool area in a common location where all the individual inboxes are kept and there are folders. Folders are in your individual account. Messages kept in folders are separate from those in inboxes and do NOT contribute to the size of your inbox.

SACS has implemented this warning to limit the size of inboxes in the mail spool area. There is only one mail spool area for all the e-mail accounts on plato. When this area fills up it impacts the e-mail for all plato users. An individual account inbox size limit is currently 1GB.

If you've received this notice, you must either delete or move messages in order to make room in your inbox.

It is possible that the e-mail client program on your computer has been saving deleted messages to your SACS account. Check the appropriate settings in the e-mail client, as they can revert to a default setting which stores deleted email on the server.

The best way to manage your e-mail is to create folders for various topics and then move messages you want to keep into the appropriate folder. All e-mail clients have a means of creating new folders. They usually require that you subscribe to these folders through a folder management process. Once the folders have been created and subscribed to, you can then move messages into them. Saving the message in a folder removes it from your mail spool area. See individual e-mail client documentation for the instructions on creating folders, subscribing to them and moving messages.

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