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SACS Services

        The Sequence Analysis & Consulting Service is a recharge service dedicated to providing our subscribers with high quality access to bioinformatics computing services. We have consultants with expertise in sequence analysis software and databases, plus networking visualization and offer training in the use of these resources. In addition, we host websites for individual users and labs.

      Each user who is a member of a subscribing SACS group/lab gets a UNIX login/password account on the RBVI host machine. Your account has a home directory, backed up disk storage space, network-accessible disk space and daily automated disk backups. In addition to the login account, each user gets access to the SACS secure www interface, a gateway to sequence analysis software and database search tools.

      SACS supports the EMBOSS Sequence Analysis Package, providing over 150 sequence analysis programs with access to integrated databases. SACS also supports such bioinformatics software as database homology tools BLAST and FASTA, the phylogeny suite Phylip, multiple alignment programs ClustalW, multalin, muscle and t_coffee, along with a variety of pattern identification, protein secondary structure and DNA analysis programs. Comprehensive local databases, updated regularly, are integrated for use by analysis software and available for homology searches or browsing.

      SACS provides a number of training services for subscribers. Periodic seminars are held in an electronic classroom where users get hands-on experience with provided software. We can also hold customized training seminars for labs with specific needs. Our consultants are available for both appointments and drop-in assistance.

      As part of our service, SACS supports poster printing on an Epson STYLUS PRO 9600. Each lab gets two standard-sized 3' x 4' poster free per month. Additional posters are charged at a rate of $5/linear foot.

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