MView - Introduction

This is an old piece of software and is only included for the sake of completeness.
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MView is a tool for converting the results of a sequence database search (BLAST, FASTA, etc.) into the form of a coloured multiple alignment of hits stacked against the query. Alternatively, an existing multiple alignment (MSF, PIR, CLUSTALW, etc.) can be processed. In either case, the output is simply HTML, so the result is platform independent and does not require a separate application or applet to be loaded. MView is NOT a multiple alignment program, nor is it a general purpose alignment editor.
Release 1.40 (12 February 99)

Release 1.39 (11 November 98)

Release 1.38 (2 November 98)

Further information
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System requirements
MView and its underlying class libraries are implemented in Perl, version 5, for UNIX, and should be easily portable to other systems.

As of MView release 1.40, the code requires a minimum of perl version 5.004 and has been tested with 5.004_03/04 and 5.005_02. However, if you only have perl 5.003, you can run older versions of MView, also available from the ftp site.

Formatting and colouring of HTML alignments requires a fixed-width font (eg., Courier) and support for the <FONT> tag, so a recent version of a browser such as Netscape is recommended. In particular, use of style sheets as of MView release 1.40 requires that your browser supports HTML 4.0.

Obtaining the software
The latest version of the software is available free for FTP from as a UNIX gzipped tar archive . This document used to be available at

Copyright and Licensing
MView and associated libraries are free software, subject to restrictions concerning commercial use. All users must adhere to the licensing terms, acceptance of which is implicit when the software is downloaded.

If you use MView in your work, please cite:

Brown, N.P., Leroy C., Sander C. (1998). MView: A Web compatible database search or multiple alignment viewer. Bioinformatics. 14(4):380-381. HTML MEDLINE

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