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Request for Sequence Analysis Group Account on Socrates

To request a sequence analysis group account, please do the following:

  1. Complete the SACS Group Account request form below
  2. Press the "Submit Account Request" button
Please go to the User Request Form to add any individual accounts to the group. You will receive confirmation of your request and we will try to process it within 48 hours. If you wish to request a graphics account, please refer to the Computer Graphics Lab Resource Overview page.

Universal monthly fixed charge of $120.00 covers:

1 login/password account for each computer user
Consulting services as needed
System Maintenance and Upgrades
Up-to-date Sequence Data Libraries
10 GBytes of backed up disk storage per lab
50 GBytes of non-backed up disk storage per lab
8 linear feet of free poster printing per lab

No charge for cpu time
E-mail and web based services
Secure Web server
User homepage

Variable charge of $.005/kb covers:
Group backuped disk storage total exceeding quota of 10 GBytes

New users in your group can pick up their login information at Mission Bay, Room N476A in Genentech Hall. These documents can also be sent by campus mail, with one page to be signed and returned to us at Box 2240.

Group Account Request Form

PI's First Name:
PI's Last Name:
(Optional) Title:
Campus Fax Number:
Campus Phone Number:
Campus Room Number:
Campus Mail Box:
E-Mail address to send confirmation:
Please charge the following account/fund # : - - (FYR, if applicable)

If you would like to designate an admistrator to receive a copy of your monthly bill, please give us the following information:


e-mail address:
Phone #:
Campus Room:
Campus Mail Box:

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